Hiring Talent from Anywhere & Building a Global Workforce

Hiring talent from anywhere

When a once-in-a-while perk transforms into a general way of life, we seem to cherish it. Something similar happened to us during the pandemic. Working from home was indeed a job perk back in the pre-COVID days. But it has now become our reality today, and we are not giving it up any time soon, mainly because remote work has given us –

  • Flexible work schedules
  • Freedom to work from anywhere
  • Break from daily commutes
  • Sufficient time to spend with our families

And when we say ‘we’, we talk on behalf of the management too. The remote working strategy has proved to be beneficial for organizations as well. Recruiterbox has pointed out why –

  • Remote work has brought the office costs down to a large extent
  • It has given the much-needed access to an endless talent pool
  • Productivity has increased impressively as remote employees are not spending their precious time in stretched coffee breaks and daily commutes
  • Remote work improved every employee’s quality of life by improving their physical and emotional wellbeing

Hence, working from anywhere has put forward a win-win situation for both an employer and an employee. Another opportunity to pop-up in recent times due to the work from anywhere concept is hiring talent from anywhere.

At NexAEI, we believe that the phoenix of a decentralized workforce has risen from the ashes of geographical boundaries.

Numerous organizations have already started hiring talents from every corner of the world. In today’s disruptive market, the only thing that holds importance is – your skill. If you are adequately and relevantly skilled, companies will hire you, and your geographical location will no longer be a factor!

As for the organizations that are yet to adopt the hiring talent-from-anywhere model, Forbes has picked out some useful tactics for you –

    • Set your priorities straight and decide on your unique set of hiring criteria
    • Choose your market wisely and get hold of its elements
    • Build your remote employer brand and optimize your HR processes accordingly

And in case you are wondering how to make remote onboarding successful, go through NexAEI Embark, an application that accentuates employee onboarding with cloud capabilities. The talent-from-anywhere model remains incomplete if you do not have the right platform to administer all the pre and post-joining formalities, digitally!

On a final note, predictions say that hiring talent from anywhere and housing a mobile-first global workforce is inevitable. All you need to have is the right resource at the right place and embrace the said transformation as early as you can!

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