Facial Recognition-based Attendance – from being a delighter to a touchstone!

Facial recognition

Eliminate buddy punching, proxy attendance and all other forms of attendance indiscipline with Facial Recognition (FR)-Based Attendance Systems. Under ideal circumstances, FR systems have a near-perfect accuracy of 99.97%. And so, Facial Biometrics can undoubtedly be considered one of the most practical and viable employee attendance systems.

Archaic attendance systems would no longer deliver an employee-friendly, smart and futuristic experience in the New Normal. So, it is time to take the leap of faith and say hello to NexAEI for precise and quick attendance capturing.
NexAEI is changing the way organizations are capturing attendance of their distributed workforces, working from anywhere. With NexAEI’s Facial Biometrics, organizations are –

  • Capturing attendance with utmost accuracy, thereby eliminating impersonation
  • Reducing the high IT infrastructure costs and troublesome deployment that the legacy systems demanded
  • Speeding up the attendance capturing process by lessening the face identification time as well as the misconduct of people flow
  • Increasing the security of the workplace by restricting unauthorized faces

Another vital aspect that organizations are taking up seriously nowadays is – creating a no-touch workspace. Not all employees are working remotely, and so the ones working from the office premises need to be protected from the ongoing pandemic. So, when an FR-based attendance system captures your attendance, you can vouch for a touchless and safe check-in.

NexAEI is a treat for the new-normal HR. It can be integrated with your pre-existing ERPs, HRMS, and payroll systems seamlessly with the help of its robust API economy. Whenever an employee or any other visitor steps in through the office door, NexAEI is known to emphasize experience for an added delight. It is a must-have for your organization if you wish to provide a top-notch digital experience to your employees.

An ideal attendance monitoring system of the new normal should be free of ID cards, logins, and fingerprints. Hence, switching to the NexAEI way of attendance capturing for your decentralized workforce is the best thing to do!

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