NexAEI | An Advanced Attendance Dashboard for the Distributed Teams

It is no secret that business leaders are always keen on enhancing their organizational processes. They are always looking out for the latest market trends and technologies and incorporating the same in their organizational structures. So, when remote working became mandatory, organizations started adopting cloud-based attendance software or applications (SaaS-based) for capturing the attendance of their new distributed workforce.

NexAEI has been transforming how organizations capture employee attendance and process the same data for payroll and other purposes with its cutting-edge technology. Capturing and recording attendance from anywhere using smartphones was never this easy.

Whether you have an on-site workforce or an off-site or WFH one, much bigger trouble is to pull all the scattered attendance data daily, sort them according to organizational rules, process the payroll, make decisions based on the attendance data, and so on. This job is too cumbersome and time-consuming for your HR.

As a result, the moment NexAEI made its appearance in the market, the organizations that were struggling so long had no looking back.

What NexAEI Offers?

  • A comprehensive view of on and off-site attendance data at one place and reduce the hassle of collecting them from various points
  • Filtration of attendance defaults like short hours, late arrivals, early check out, single punch, etc. and help to stop irregularity therein
  • View and download actionable reports for smooth payroll processing by generating actionable and downloadable reports as per your requirement
  • Employee attendance regularization for enabling timely decision-making
  • Rule-based attendance data visibility

NexAEI is ‘Centralizing Attendance from Anywhere’ for Businesses

Attendance data collected with QR Code or Facial Recognition or Geolocation and Geofence-based attendance capturing system from various locations gets stored in one cloud-based centralized server. Managers are entitled to access this data from anywhere and at any time.

The benefits do not end here. The flexibility of NexAEI enables its integration with any other existing payroll management software, thereby making the entire attendance system much more efficient.

As Replicon suggests, leveraging mobile and the next generation technologies has become vital today as the time and attendance landscape is evolving. For the current distributed workforce that demands mobile-first capabilities, an advanced attendance dashboard is a true blessing!

The visibility that NexAEI attendance tracking system brings to the table is way ahead of its esteemed contemporaries.

How about booking a quick demo with us and seeing it for yourself? Get in touch with our attendance experts today!

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