Dealing with the Furlough – What is it?

Dealing with the furlough

Have you heard of the word ‘furlough’ yet?

Most of you will supposedly say ‘no’. Just the way we did.

We have been acquainted with this word very recently, like most of us did not know about quarantine before the COVID-19 pandemic happened.

So, a ‘furlough’ is a temporary leave of absence with no pay. A furloughed employee still has his or her job and might enjoy some of the company benefits, but they aren’t paid. There’s a chance that they’d be called back to resume work, but again there’s no guarantee.

The pandemic has brought about numerous layoffs and many more furloughs since March. With a huge dip in the economy, furloughed employees are facing uncertainties regarding resuming work. The biggest confusion today is – whether to wait patiently until the furlough ends or to start looking out for jobs!

Keeping the confusion in mind, we thought of presenting you to some of the most crucial aspects to consider before making the final decision –

Is it feasible for you to wait?

If you feel economically sufficient with the limited furloughed income or no income, then wait. If not, you can consider looking out for new jobs, either full-time or even part-time.

Would you be content with what you gain over what you lose?

Make a pros and cons list for both the jobs, the one you already have, and the one you are rooting for. Don’t be afraid of the trade-offs that come in the process and do not compromise your growth. After thorough consideration, make your choice.

How ready are you in terms of settling in a new work environment?

Virtual training will be the best that you’ll get in the current scenario. So, prepare yourself for adapting to a new work environment with new people, virtually. If you are okay with the impacts of the said transformation, then go ahead!

Is upskilling important for your growth and prospects?

Your furlough period need not be just another waiting period. With the ever-changing digital workplace and its techniques and technologies, we know how important it is to upskill ourselves. Utilize this period and invest in adding to your skills so that once the furlough period ends, you can contribute double towards your organization’s progress. If it doesn’t, you can always opt for other openings.

Invest in self-enhancement in this downtime so that you can get back to work with more efficiency, more skill, and more flexibility. Things at work are not going to be the same as before, and so the more you upgrade yourself during this downtime, the more you have in store for yourself!

Happy working!

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