3 Key Features to Look for in a Visitor Management Software During the New Normal

Visitor management system

Let’s say you’re buying a new car or picking a new house. You’re investing in something that will be yours for a long time, so when making your selection, you don’t want to settle for a choice that will simply get you from one point to another. You’re looking for that perfect car that will take you places and give you the best value for your budget. You want a house that will be close to your office and suit other specific needs, such as fitting your family of four.

The same goes for selecting a visitor management system. Read about visitor management software research and analysis to find out more. When you’re seeking software that improves your business, you need a solution that offers not only top-notch quality but also maximum efficiency.

The interior of your new vehicle is as integral as what’s outside, and the furniture and design of your new house are just as vital as what it looks like on the street. In the case of a visitor management system, the features are on the same plane, and it’s important to know how your VMS functions as a solution.

Here are some key features to look for when selecting a visitor management software for your organization during the New Normal.

No-touch visitor registration

As the world continues to deal with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, companies are still urged to help slow the spread of the virus by following tight restrictions, social distancing, and adopting remote work strategies.

Thus, the demand for contactless solutions at every stage of the user experience has become more critical, especially for organizations that want to bounce back and adapt to the new normal.

We Forum has listed contactless tech as one of the technology trends to watch out for during the pandemic. While it’s more common for payments and delivery services, this vital innovation can also expand in workspaces through a visitor badge system with contactless capabilities.

With its relevance in today’s crisis, the most integral capability that determines the best visitor management system is eliminating the need for physical contact throughout the registration workflow.

It minimizes the risk for virus transmission and covers all touchpoints in your visitor management operations, beginning from the moment your guest walks into your reception to the time he or she presents their access card for the scheduled meeting.

Contactless functionalities that can be harnessed from these visitor management system benefits include visitor self-registration via mobile phones, pre-scheduling for meeting hosts, instant alerts for both hosts and visitors, and digital guest cards for meetings.

Today, a visitor badge system does not only need to boost efficiency. It must also be able to promise safety as the world slowly adjusts to the new normal.

Virtual visitor card

Security is always a primary concern when conducting any operations within your business, mostly when you’re relying on a visitor badge system to cover it for you.

Now that we’ve highlighted the importance of VMS contactless capabilities, you need to acquire a virtual management system that supplies your visitors with their guest identification numbers to authorize their entry during a scheduled meeting.

Apart from eliminating unwarranted access to your affairs, this also eliminates the need for any physical contact and effectively delivers a solution to the suggested operational measures for businesses implemented during the pandemic. Health and safety come first when you need to keep up with ‘new normal’ visitor management.

Addressing another pressing global issue, this functionality also doubles as a more sustainable way to handle your establishment’s visitors.

Did you know that 45% of the paper generated in workplaces ultimately ends up in the bin by the end of the day? That’s a lot of waste, according to data from Record Nations. You can help reduce this by issuing digital visitor cards instead of printed documents.

Although it’s only one aspect of your business, this particular feature will help your enterprise be more eco-friendly, especially when all your environmental efforts are pooled together.

Employee directory

An employee directory functions like the good old Yellow Pages; only it’s for your business. Not every establishment has an employee directory, but those who do enjoy an efficiency boost since it’s designed to make collaboration across your business less complicated. It’s an excellent tool for empowering employees and transforming HR for good.

All the basics about your employees are stored in your directory—name, job title, contact information, location, photograph. You can even establish a stronger network by including other personal details such as interests, educational background, affiliations, and achievements.

Although this can be considered a more advanced feature for a visitor badge system, you can attain more organized operations by relying on an employee directory to keep your VMS and employees on the same page.

Why do we think that NexAEIVisMate is the best visitor management system for you?

We’ve only listed three important features, but keep in mind that there’s an awfully lot of things to consider when choosing your visitor badge system.

If you’re already on board the idea of getting a visitor management system for your company, then we recommend you check out our product, VisMate. Not only will you reap the rewards of contactless features, which are extremely beneficial during the pandemic. You will also acquire the most robust capabilities in the market, and you’ll always be the first in the industry to obtain new functions and integrations.

Best of all, it’s free. We know everyone is struggling during the coronavirus crisis, so we’re doing our best to make our visitor management system as accessible as possible.

Our unique visitor check-in system will make your business safer, more productive, and highly organized. Trust us, and we’re sure to give you the best quality for the best value.

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