NexAEI Is the Best Solution for Your Visitor Management Hassles

Visitor management hassle

Welcoming, Identifying and tracking the activities of your guests inside your workplace premises is a practice executed by most of the organizations who have installed VMS for their workplaces.

But, with the ubiquitous of widespread digital transformation, NexAEI pioneers a revolution that starts right from your front desk.

So, let us check out what NexAEI can offer your workplace surpassing the traditional visitor management systems.

1. Increased Visibility

Visibility is something that NexAEI has been created to offer. And, being on the same path, NexAEI offers you a complete and real-time data regarding your current guests. Also, you get the details of some of your upcoming guests through this module.

And, in this way you can get the complete visibility of all your guests in your workplace premises easing all the possibilities of forgery as well as unauthorized access.

2. Live Updates

Like I said earlier, with NexAEI, you get a reality check on all your authorized visitors. Yes, the NexAEI dashboard can help you with the status of all your current guests. The smart visitor management module provides you with all the information regarding the types of your visitors, their contact details, their purpose of visit, their check-in and check-out time, locked or engaged visitor passes, if any; and more.

3. Foolproof Visitor Reports

With NexAEI, you can get a list of all your visitors along with their necessary details on a given date or over a period of time. This unerring report can give you a quick check on the visitors battling out all the possibilities of falsification.

4. Centralized Visitor Database

Now, if you have offices in multiple locations, then NexAEI is your one-stop solution. No matter how many locations your organization works from, NexAEI can streamline and centralize all your data with zero hassle.

5. Enhanced Access Control

Lastly, NexAEI offers you next-level access control. This module lets you restrict certain areas of your workplace which you don’t want your visitors to access. So, while issuing the static card or the print card to your guest, you can easily preselect the areas which you don’t want your visitors to access.

Bonus: Make a Better First Impression

Customarily, the reception area is the venue where a guest will have their foremost encounter with your organization. You need to keep in mind that your guest could be a client, a prospect or a key business partner.

NexAEI can assist you the best in utilizing this opportunity to establish a decent first impression and cater to your guests with constructive visitor experience.

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