How does Digitalized Employee Engagement Boost Your Organizational Success?

Organization success

Employee engagement is an important KPI for HR departments, aimed at ensuring long-term organizational growth and success. Successful employee management is all about the HR offering meaningful opportunities to employees in order to help them learn, grow, and succeed as part of the organization thereby, enabling organizations to achieve higher productivity.

Of late, digitalization has established itself as an effective means for improving the way employees are hired, trained, and retained in organizations; it also can boost the employee engagement quotient.

With the advent of digitalization, HR is now able to create an improved work culture that is more aligned with productivity and profitability for both the employees, as well as the organization. There are digital tools that help monitor work schedule, manage talent, measure performance, create an accurate payroll process, resolve red-flags, and provide real-time feedback to employees.

How is digitalization boosting employee engagement?
  1. Developing a better communication process: Digital communication tools ensure the culture of the transparency that strengthens the employer and employee relationship, in accordance with the organizational priorities.
  2. Better performance management platforms: Digitalization ensures a meaningful work process that is devoid of any race, culture, or gender biases. Gone are the days when employee performance assessment was merely based on annual surveys. Now real-time assessment is conducted, and instant feedback is provided, resulting in employees being able to engage with their job roles more efficiently.
  3. Talent development opportunities: Digital platforms use behavior mapping techniques to create a personalized and structured learning program for the benefit of each employee and help them become more productive and expand their knowledge.
  4. Better team management: With digital tools, managers can utilize machine learning and employee data to choose the best employees who are more suited to collaborate with each other, resulting in an organized team environment to drive better engagement.
How is Nexaei shaping the digital transformation process?

Nexaei, the ‘smart’ mobile application, enables HRs to create more engaged employees, resulting in increased productivity, better customer engagement, and organizational profitability. The application assists in employee onboarding, attendance capturing, leave management, and roster management, thereby relieving HRs of ad-hoc duties so that they may focus on other critical projects for driving organizational success. Data consolidation and centralization along with a robust rule engine to govern company policies, Nexaei is redefining the role of an HR.

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