Key Employee Engagement Trends & Tools of 2018

Engagement trend and tools

Employees are now a young, vibrant, mobile set – ready to work from anywhere, across various timelines & locations. We believe it’s time for ‘Change’ across the organizational matrix, ensuring – Effectiveness, Speed, and a more Intelligent working model.

But then, how do you get there?

Do you dive in head-long without a strategy, a plan, or a gradual implementation pathway? Or, do you begin by introducing smarter systems at the very basic level – making change, not just an eventuality – but a part of engagement & experience management.

We believe in the latter, and have ideas – tools & trends that can ‘Transform’ without a glitch, a snag, or a tear in business-as-usual.

Here are a series of tips & tools that can pave the path for enhanced employee engagement:

1. Weekly Feedbacks

Weekly meetings must be held at the end or the beginning of the week to constantly stay updated, connected and well-informed. These meetings are essential, as they help collate valuable feedback, and give corrective performance evaluation reports.

All the concerned team members get together, either at the beginning or at the end of the week, to assess and ascertain the tasks which have been delegated & accomplished in the previous week, while aligning the activities for the following days. Valuable feedback on employee performance and workplace grievance is also shared, to further throw light on the on-going system.

2. Build an Organized Work Ecosystem

Various engagement tools are used to streamline the team’s activities, and align other processes for better coordination, enhanced efficiency, and unbiased & transparent delegation of responsibility. Some of the engagement work tools include, Trello & Slack. Their intuitive design and easy-to-use dashboard make remote work a cakewalk.

3. Rewards & Recognition

Continuous feedback and performance acknowledgement is a crucial part of employee engagement. Everyone loves being praised, and their work being appreciated in front of their co-workers/teammates. Arrange for bi-weekly sessions, wherein, all the team members collect together and each of them are called up and applauded for their hard work and contribution to the organization. This will encourage them to work twice as hard, and reach their ultimate potential.

Performance appraisals also play a significant role in boosting or pulling down the morale of an employee. A company’s performance appraisal structure should be designed in a fashion which ensures every employee is given the appraisal they deserve. This reduces the employee attrition rate, while encouraging the rest to carry out their responsibilities in the best way possible.

4. Enterprise-wide transparency

Establish clear lines of communication between all employees and managers. Provide employees all the information they need, and address their grievances if any. Lay the foundation for enterprise-wide transparency, and empower your workforce to use their discretion to take better & quicker decisions in the long run.

5. Engagement Activities

Work can get monotonous after sometime. In order to overcome workplace monotony, the HR team can conduct several engagement activities where employees and staff members are allowed to showcase their talent. From dancing & singing to setting up the platform for simulating games – these help employees escape the mundane workload and free their minds from the intricacies that their jobs involve.

All these tools and activities, combined together, will help improve the performance level of the entire workforce while driving positive growth in the organization.


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