In this digital era, why does the HR still struggle with Payroll Issues?

Struggle with payroll issue

HR industry has witnessed a lot of change over the past few years. The introduction of automation technologies has improved the overall HR process and made this industry more productive and well-organized. The introduction of digital tools is addressing the needs of every organization, as well as determining the role of an HR. After all, it’s the HR that is accountable for managing the payroll process, hiring workers, retaining talent, and ensuring overall organizational stability.

Payroll processing is one of the most important aspects of any business – be it big or small. It’s likely the largest expense of the organization, as well as the most time-consuming processes. Despite the introduction of various automated tools for HR, there are still several problems faced by them with payroll management. No matter how advanced technologies are used in payroll processing by the HR, issues can always arise.

So, what are the exact problems that can arise during payroll processing and management?

Thanks to the automated tools, payroll processing has become considerably easier. Digital tools promise to reduce the chance of producing errors, processing time, and improve the data protection procedure. However, the glaring reality is that if the software and storage processes are not properly organized, the entire payroll process experience can go downhill.

Let us discuss how –

  • Misclassified Workforce:

Often, we find companies hiring independent contractors, freelancers, and temporary employees (GIG Economy). Most of the time, they are not treated the same as the regular employees, especially when it comes to payroll. The HR often faces problems in determining their eligibility and work schedule with regards to the organizational process.

  • Incompatible Tools:

At times, there are few payroll software that are very complicated and are not compatible with the exact needs of the HR. This makes it difficult for them to track employee records and performance reports through such software.

  • Remote & Multi-State Workers:

Payroll calculations can become complicated if the company has too many remote workers or employees working in multiple locations. It becomes essential for the HR that organizational compliance is met for different locations. In addition, focusing on minimum wage requirements and monitoring the tax law often becomes a painful process for the HR while governing employees at different locations.

  • Organizational Issues:

An HR often faces a problem in maintaining employee and payroll records in a smart and accurate manner. At times, creating a uniform filing process to integrate payroll functions becomes very complicated. Often it becomes essential that the HR analyzes and restructures the organizational process.

How is NexAEI & PayCalQ the best solution for all payroll problems?

NexAEI, the ‘smart’ mobile application for HRs to help create a smooth organizational process. On the other hand, PayCalQ is a smart and efficient payroll calculating solution. The combination of the two assists effective consolidation of attendance and leave data based on which the payroll is processed. Therefore, HRs can now enjoy a hassle-free payroll experience with just a few clicks.

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