Why Do You Need NexAEI for Your Workplace?

Need NexAEI for your workplace

Biometrics and ERPs have already abetted us to make a move towards the digital transformation, so far. And, as a consequence, today we are quite triumphant in leaving the typical front office registers far behind.

Certainly, most of the organizations have happily accepted its existence, and that is why today we can find biometric attendance systems beside the front gates of more or less every organization.

And, this unremitting insurgency in the tech world is inevitable.

Thus, it introduces us to the next level of this revolution, which we call NexAEI.

So, now let’s check out how NexAEI can help you cut down your workplace aggravations concerning the management of employee attendance and leave data.

1. Ease Of Use and Integration

The key USP of NexAEI is the affluence it brings to your workspace.

Yes, NexAEI obliterates out all your hassles regarding employee management.

So, if you don’t feel like investing in something new just because you have mounted a biometric attendance system lately, then let me remind you of the fact that a biometric attendance system is incompetent of working hand in hand with your HRMS.

In this regard, NexAEI can help you integrate your systems with zero hassles.

2. Accurate and Organized Attendance Reports

With NexAEI, you can get the most accurate and perfectly organized reports concerning employee attendance, leaves, and whatnots, that no other employee attendance system can provide you with.

Yes, and, all of it just with a few clicks.

3. Data Centralization

NexAEI comes with a consolidated cloud server that accumulates and stores all your employee-related data.

With this advantage of storing your employee-related data in the cloud server, you can run with zero threats of misplacing any of your imperative data.

Not just that, you can access this data from anywhere around the world if you have the right credentials. That’s exactly what we preach- “Be here. Anywhere.

4. Visibility

Now, this is what NexAEI is primarily acknowledged for- Visibility.

Yes, with NexAEI you get complete visibility of your entire workspace just with a few clicks or taps.

All you need to do is, open the NexAEI mobile app or log in to your NexAEI account just by visiting, https://app.nexaei.com/nexaei/users/login. Yes, it is that easy.

5. Employee empowerment

So, after going through the previous points you must be thinking that NexAEI is all about the Employer and the management team. But, to let you know, the main moto of NexAEI is “employee empowerment”.

Exactly, with the NexAEI employee app, each and every employee can check their attendance, working hours, leave balance and many more just by logging in through their credentials.

Bonus: Device Agnostic

And, now it is, primarily, this bonus point that makes NexAEI so handy.

Exactly, NexAEI is a device-agnostic SaaS product. So, no matter what smartphone you are using, you can access NexAEI. No need to install super expensive devices, anymore.

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to NexAEI!

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