Collaboration During the New Normal: The Inside Story


The new normal brought about by the coronavirus is an ever-changing place to be. Two vital things about this new normal are rising virtual interactions and plummeting tête-à-tête ones. Adding to these is the need for industry leaders to deliver sustainable and efficient results. As rightly said by Henry Ford, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”; the relevance of collaboration herein becomes vital like never before.

Collaboration is essential because the business environment is dynamic.

Our tech-savvy generation today is heavily exposed to various kinds of content on our handheld devices. So, it becomes imperative to roll out collaborative solutions. The high-end virtual collaborations keep us active and engaged.

The times that we are in today demands us to be agile, to learn communicating remotely, make and manage remote connections, unlearn the older tactics, and commit to collaboration for a brighter future. Effective collaboration amid people with different skillsets brings innovation and agility to the table.

Even though there appears a constant fluctuation in the business environment, work culture, and engagement intensity, the importance of collaboration never got lost, not even for a day. Collaboration is said to enhance the work culture as it is a vital part of the social and professional lives of an individual. It is just that collaborators need to change their collaboration intensity and modes from time to time to fit in the business rightly.

Collaboration calls for balance, empathy, and faith

HR leaders are calling the present times to be highly crucial, and they are continuously contemplating as to what more to attempt so that the work culture becomes more inviting. The present self-isolation days are all about treating our people with empathy and see them as humans.

As the coronavirus hit us without any prior intimation, all of us and our workplaces had lost their day-to-day balance and couldn’t even come up with a change management plan very quickly. But, organizations that already had a highly collaborative culture in place could adjust to the present situation well, whereas the others struggled a lot. Some are still struggling to keep up with this ever-changing new normal.

On a lighter note, if an organization is not able to trust its employees, it cannot win a fight. Successful collaboration stands on the pillars of trust. Hence, faith between two employees as well as an employee and a leader is obligatory.

To rebuild themselves, organizations will have to reorganize their priorities and adopt the new ways of this new normal, a new normal that speaks the language of COLLABORATION!

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