Making the Workplace COVID-Ready

Covid ready workplace

Long gone are the days when you used to keep a visitor logbook on your reception desk and had to ask every visitor to fill in their credentials both during their check-in and check-out. Today is all about futuristic solutions, the ones that will make front office operations more convenient, businesses more secure, and above all, promote a COVID-ready touchless workplace.

Our way back to the office building after a prolonged work from home is not going to be an easy one, but the challenge was to do away with that ‘difficulty’. Providing contactless solutions, maintaining social distancing on the work floor, and adhering to WHO’s global workplace are the primary focus points.

And we, at NexAEI, came up with a solution that ticked off each of these requirements, a futuristic solution and just a perfect component for making a COVID-ready workplace. It accentuated our workplace with three major offerings:

Self-registration from visitors’ mobiles and thereby negate any form of touch at the front desk for checking in.

Verified visitor KYC so that visitor details as well as their health records can be documented and stored for an extra layer of security compliance.

Pre-inviting guests to do away with uninvited visitors and reduce chances of crowding at the reception with easy check-ins.

Our premium touchless solution proved to be in perfect sync with the ‘no-touch’ regulation of today’s quintessential COVID-ready workplace. We had been successful in doing away with ‘touch’ at our reception. Else, the reception desk or kiosk would have been the first and obvious point of virus transmission.

To summarize, it’s about time that you transform your traditional front office into a premium, futuristic reception as a modern-day crisis like today’s needs an advanced solution. And NexAEI VisMate Free Edition is that much-needed solution that can wipe off all your worries attached to employee safety in this new normal without leaving a single dent in the business operations. Click here to know all about us.

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