Can a Touchless Reception Ensure Higher Productivity for Your Organization?

Touchless reception

Ensuring safety and high-end user experience are undeniably the primary aspects of every no-touch visitor management system today. And by now, the entire world is well aware of it. But do you know what else it can do for your organization?

A survey conducted by The Receptionist in 2015 had shown that receptionists or front-office executives spend their working days by assisting in jobs like Data Entry (31%), Human Resources (20%), Accounting (15%), Social Media (14%), Newsletters (9%), Travel Planning (7%) and others (4%) outside their jobs.

And if given a chance and freed from the reception desk, they can utilize their skills and potentials to do much more than just checking in and checking out visitors. This change, in turn, can enhance your organizational productivity as well.

Previously, the office reception or front desk, or even the Human Resources departments were considered to be siloed departments, but not anymore.

Today’s smart workplaces are moving to smartphones, and hence work is not limited to particular departments or desks and desktops. The pandemic has retuned work and the workplace thoroughly. Hence, when it comes to visitor management, technology wins over humans as digital check-in applications or reception sign-in kiosks offer a completely ‘no-touch’ experience.

One vital contributor towards increased productivity is reducing time consumption too. Hence if organizations can leverage systems for slimming time down, then enhancing productivity becomes easier for them.

And one such system is digital no-touch visitor management. In the busiest of workplaces too, multiple self-check-in kiosks help in eliminating queues by checking in multiple visitors.

Again, a no-touch visitor management system helps to execute contactless and streamlined visitor and employee check-in and out from personal mobile phones. Therefore, we would not be exaggerating if we say that the most appropriate time for reskilling or upskilling is finally here. Gartner has identified reskilling/upskilling as one of the top 3 HR priorities that will rule 2021.

To sum up, a no-touch mobile visitor management system cuts down on an office receptionist’s, HR’s and admin’s work, makes way for their upskilling, and ultimately culminates into better productivity for the organization as a whole.

Organizations leveraging mobile and touchless visitor management systems are two times more likely to operate better, faster, and safer!

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