Mobile-Based Employee Attendance Capturing for Your Distributed Workforce

Mobile based attendance

With smartphones in every hand, location-based attendance tracking has become much easier today than it ever was in the past. Pre-pandemic, when we used to work from our office desks, we never felt the need for something like this. But with a distributed and remote workforce today, the easiest and the most accurate way of tracking employee attendance is the Location-Based Attendance Tracking System.

You must have used GPS-based attendance tracking in the past and had derived incredible benefits from it. But this system demanded an upgrade when the pandemic hit us. And this had led NexAEI to integrate the geofencing-based attendance tracking system into our product.

In case you are wondering, geofencing is a tracking capability that comes with a pre-set virtual border, known as Geofence. With the geofence-based attendance tracking feature integrated into our smart employee management solution, NexAEI EmPal, we had been capable of transforming the attendance marking experience for our remote employees.


1. If you have on-site employees, EmPal’s geofencing-based attendance tracking will enable you to pinpoint whether your employees are checking-in early or even practicing buddy-punch in any way. Hence, it will become easier for you to track all your employees at work.

2. You will be able to restrict checking-in from any location outside your pre-set geofence. In this way, certain boundaries can be set, which will wipe off time theft completely. In case you wish to restrict home or en-route to office check-in, EmPal will enable you to do even that.

A smart and mobile attendance management solution is more of a necessity today than just a delightful alternative. Given the distributed workforce of this new normal, there is no better option than NexAEI EmPal to track remote employees at work.

Also, NexAEI EmPal is not just limited to location-based attendance tracking; it encompasses QR-code based attendance and advanced AI based (facial recognition) attendance capturing too.

So, to add ease and convenience to your corporate duties, switch to NexAEI today!

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