Breaking the Net – Mastering Offline Productivity During Crisis Hours

Offline productivity

What is the world today without internet access? To be very precise, clueless!

With an internet connection, you can be the most knowledgeable person in the room with access to every information under the sun, and you are connected to the entire world. But what if you get stuck at a place with no electricity or no internet?

In such dire situations, we tend to lag and fail every commitment, be it professional or even personal. So, it is very evident that the internet has made us absolutely reliant on it, and thus certain residual hitches have come into existence at the professional front.

  • With a rapidly increasing dependence on cloud-based applications, we do not worry about data backup. So, with no internet and hence no access to those apps, we are left with no files and no documents.
  • The rise of Internet of Things (IoT) has aided communications greatly. So, in the absence of the internet or electricity, the connected devices do not function leaving an entire business at a brief but costly halt.
  • Internet connections come with vulnerability points viz.; network congestion, non-compatible devices, faulty router, fiber-optic cable disconnection, or even natural adversities. Not many, one such vulnerability is enough to annihilate access entirely.

In a nutshell, our greatest challenge these days is to eliminate the obstructions to offline productivity and search for its management techniques.

Even though the internet has taken us to a magical world of accessibilities and communications, it is essential to deal with the residual vulnerabilities for retaining and thereby enhancing productivity offline. So, no more stressing yourself out in case you get disconnected from this present hyper-connected realm. Even with sporadic or no connection at all at certain places, we can keep ourselves productive. Here’s how to do it –

  1. Fill yourself to the neck with knowledge by reading offline articles, books, magazines, newspapers, by listening to podcasts offline and by watching informative videos. Many iOS as well as Android applications these days give you the opportunity of saving articles, audios and videos and playing them offline.
  2. Practicing ‘brain dump’ writing can be a great way to dig deep into the subconscious and bringing out dormant creativities. After a point when you start reading the write-ups and club some points together, you are bound to pull out a pool of productive ideas.
  3. Expand your network by interacting with more people. A little human interaction outside work can do wonders for your psychological wellbeing. You may even engage your colleagues in a spontaneous meeting where you all can get into brainstorming and come out with better and enhanced ideas to pick up on your productivities later.

You always need to give some time and space to your mind for relaxing and no time is better than a period without the internet. Go out for a walk, work out, listen to your favorite music, run the pending household errands, or maybe just sit idle or meditate. Remember, such breaks will help you to enhance your productivity much better when you get back to work.

To conclude, as they say – focus on being productive instead of busy. Without the internet, you will have one perfect day out of your busy schedule to work on your offline productivity management.

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