Making Your Front Office the Vanguard in the War Against COVID-19

War against covid

Getting back to work after this extended lockdown is not going to be a walk in the park. In fact, this time you will have to be extra vigilant about your health and be geared with all your safety practices – washing hands, masks, sanitizers, etc. Excited as we all are at getting back to office and working with our colleagues after a long time, we are also afraid of not getting in contact with the virus that has wreaked havoc across our planet.

The present-day front-line of this battle against COVID-19 at your workplace is undoubtedly your front desk. Let’s wind the clock back a few months. Your front office was crowded with guests who have come in for scheduled meetings, vendors are trying to reach your Admin Manager, delivery personnel bringing in important office equipment.

But now everything has changed along with the concept of managing your reception area.

Given the present situation, the need of a ‘NO-TOUCH’ visitor management system at your front office is your prime responsibility to give your teams and your visitors a COVID-free front office.

Gone are the days of welcoming and managing your visitors with registers and pen. In its place, make way for the AI-powered receptionist, NexAEI VisMate. The touchless technology of VisMate makes visitor management a lot safer for your front office executives.

VisMate enables you to give your guests and visitors a premium contactless registration process in a few simple steps using our Invite Guest feature. You simply log in to your app and send invites to select visitors and guests for a meeting or an event. A unique Guest Identification Number (GIN) is shot out to the visitors on their phones. Now on the day of the meeting or event, the guests after arriving simply need to share the GIN with the front office personnel. And that’s all. The system takes care of the rest for you!

So, with a visitor management solution like NexAEI VisMate, you can boast of –

  • A safe office and safer teams
  • Complete control over the visitor flow at your front desk
  • A premium and safe visitor management experience for your teams and guests

Even today when the world is fighting with the pandemic and struggling every day for a safe existence, you can have your own futuristic and safe no-touch system. With NexAEI VisMate, you will always remain one step ahead!

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