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PayCalQ – The Smoothest Payroll Generation

A smart pay slip generation application that will help your organization to define salary structures and perform salary calculations easily. Couple it with NexAEI EmPal or simply run it as an independent application.

Smooth payroll generation now only @ Rs. 25/- per month per user!

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Full blown salary structure rule engine:

Users can configure the salary structure rules of the organization. Including deviations for locations, particular employee groups, and individuals. It further helps in computing the salary scenario to be offered to selected candidates.

Compatible with Minimum Wages:

The rule of the minimum wages changes as per government notifications and the associated rules. Paycalq has a robust rules engine to setup various slabs, employee experience levels, and skills which affect minimum wage.

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Salary report in prescribed format can be generated and be uploaded directly to government portals in the prescribed format. [Auto-updating of budgetary changes and patch release to be made available in the future.]

Ease of Access:

Easily download payslips on the mobile app and access reports for consolidated organizational salary and for bank transfers.


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NexAEI EmPower Pack is the ultimate HR Toolbox for managing remote workers and work from home employees. Now get geofenced employee attendance and active screen time all in one place for efficient productivity measurement.

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With state-of-the-art features like AI-based Facial Recognition, dynamic QR code, offline attendance, and a centralized database with multi-location access, employee attendance management will be a cakewalk for HRs now.

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An integrated solution of NexAEI that helps managers and supervisors monitor the active screen time of remote workers and derive actionable reports for efficient decision-making.

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