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Hourly – Screen Activity Monitoring of Globally Distributed Teams

An integrated solution of NexAEI that helps managers and supervisors monitor the active screen time of remote workers and derive actionable reports for efficient decision-making.

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Automatic detection of active and idle hours of work devices – PCs and laptops. Technically, Hourly is a Microsoft Windows event logger system.

It is integrated with Active Directory and starts tracking Microsoft Windows events, like Login, Session Lock – Unlock, etc., moment a domain user logs into a computer.

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Being integrated with NexAEI EmPal helps managers and team leads to know about the availability of a team member in office along with his device’s active/idle hours.

Consolidated reporting for managers and team leads to ascertain productivity of team members.

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Time reports can be accessed through the NexAEI dashboard in the form of both on-screen and Microsoft Excel formats

Additionally, snapshots of the computer screens of the team are saved periodically for the reference of managers and team leads

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Hourly has been developed as a Smart Client application of Microsoft Technologies, providing seamless installation, and upgrading experience



NexAEI EmPower Pack is the ultimate HR Toolbox for managing remote workers and work from home employees. Now get geofenced employee attendance and active screen time all in one place for efficient productivity measurement.

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With state-of-the-art features like AI-based Facial Recognition, dynamic QR code, offline attendance, and a centralized database with multi-location access, employee attendance management will be a cakewalk for HRs now.

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A smart pay slip generation application available both over web and mobile. It will help your organization to define salary structures and perform salary calculations easily. Couple it with NexAEI EmPal or simply run it as an independent application.

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