Are You Honing Your Digital Fluency?

Honing digital fluency

The sudden appearance of a pandemic has forced every organization in this world to go offsite with their entire operations and workforces.

Do you think it would have been even remotely successful without digital technology?

2020 has made digital transformation vital for the survival of organizations apart from upgrading them. It has been the backbone in making the complete shift from onsite to remote locations, equipping the employees well enough to work from home and maintain productivity, and moving to cloud-based services. So, there is no way that we can call ‘digital transformation’ an aspiration anymore; it is the most basic!

There is a strange similarity between language fluency and digital fluency. Fluency, in general, works like a key to unlock the innovation and creativity which can ever be done by literacy alone.

Digital fluency does the same to the techies. It enables them to build further on their technological fundamentals, unleash their creative sides, and is the cornerstone of unlocking agility too. It is the real ingredient that makes every digital effort turn into reality.

Straight Facts

Studies reveal that the digitally fluent companies,

  • Have experienced 2.7 times more revenue growth over the last three years
  • Are projecting 5.4 times more revenue growth for the following three years
  • Are looked upon as great workplaces by employees (69%)
  • Are considered as peer leaders in customer satisfaction (68%)
  • Are the peer leaders in creativity and innovation (62%)
  • Are the peer leaders in operational proficiency too (61%)

Types of Digital Workers You Should Look For

Extensive data mining has popped up some working patterns that increase digital fluency. Based on that data, there appear four distinct roles that contribute to making organizations digitally fluent as it does not function as per the one-size-fits-all formula. So, according to the same report by Accenture, the digital workers you need to look for are –

  • Relentless Innovator
  • Adaptive Team Player
  • Disciplined Achiever
  • Remote Collaborator

Each one of these personas has its readiness that makes an organization digitally fluent. Once you identify them, you help in filling up your digital gaps, and thereby you gain agility.

It’s time to polish and enhance the already-in-motion digital move by promoting and adopting digital skills. It’s time to equip the techies with the digital infrastructure, opportunities, and leadership that they need to flourish. The path forward needs this smart framework of digital fluency.

There existed a gap between high and low-performing tech companies for a long time that was brought right into the limelight by COVID-19. As organizations had to go offsite, they started realizing how a digital transformation can accentuate them with more efficiency, better readiness, and also how it can hinge any business right amid massive and sudden changes. So, wait no more and start your journey in honing your digital edge!

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