Up Your Productivity Game With Some Cool Hacks


Necessary Hacks to Shape a Productive Workforce for the Future of Work

Productivity is regarded as the prime requirement of every organization. Workforce productivity cannot be dodged under any circumstance if you want your esteemed organization to outshine. Even then, the way to attain the much-desired top-notch productivity is filled with numerous misapprehensions as well as various challenges. So, sharing with you some cool hacks to help you lift your workforce productivity up, in case this COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has bogged you down.

Firstly, it is immensely important to measure and understand the underlying problem.

You will never be able to fix a problem if you do not know the root cause. The size of your organization, the industry it operates in and the management opinions make a way in determining the aptest approach to measure and analyze your existing productivity. Again, you need to gauge the factors behind the productivity descent too. One imperative step taken towards the said measurement is to set achievable and realistic goals. Pushing your employees towards impractical goals is bound to bring in negative fallouts. So, for improving productivity, one must recognize the limits.

Secondly, communication is key.

Be it for encouragement or satisfaction or even as an alarm, employees need consistent, productive, and insightful feedback from the management. It works as an elixir for broken confidence and incessant blunders. In situations like this, nothing works like effective and transparent communication. In absence of it, frustration, self-loathing, loss of confidence, irresponsibility sets in, and together comes productivity loss. Organizations are required to engage in effective collaborations over and over again and ensure that the methods in use are in sync with both the employer and employee needs.

Thirdly, effective training has no competition.

As per CERIC reports, one big delusion that a company (around 64%) tends to hold on is that if it trains and develops its employees, they might opt for better career prospects outside their existing employer. To be honest, training helps in employee development and also brings down

the turnover rate. All you need is to select the most fitting and sustainable tools for training your employees effectively.

Finally, rewards are crucial in boosting morale.

Not always monetary rewards matter, the non-monetary ones like appreciation notes, spots awards, newsletter mentions, positive feedback, public recognition, and likewise does wonders. An effective reward structure is directly proportional to increased energy, loyalty, and enthusiasm. Awards and rewards prove that the employees are valued and the management cares about them. It is almost a ritual of every successful company to have well-defined processes so that every achievement is recognized, and every dedication acknowledged.

All the four above-mentioned hacks are sure to impact productivity and that too in a positive way. Such little changes in the organizational processes will help immensely in picking up your sinking productivity or even enhancing it further.

On another note, monitoring active screen times of employees is a good way to keep a track of productivity as well. In this regard, Hourly, our integrated solution is perfect for you. It helps to detect active and idle hours of work devices, helps supervisors in consolidated reporting, and take on-demand snapshots of the work screens periodically. Such solutions are a great help in tracking and improving workforce productivity. So, gear up and get started with reviving your work processes for enhanced workforce productivity.

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