Hiring 2021 – What’s in store?

what is store

At a time when disruption is at its peak, organizations are aspiring to get acquainted with the new normal and grow accustomed to it. One facet that has been pushed entirely into uncertainty with the onset of the pandemic is ‘New Recruitment’. Frankly, when hundreds and thousands were losing their jobs, many were waiting for their new job confirmations at the same time as the novel coronavirus broke out. The recruitments stopped all of a sudden, sending many into a frenzy.

Now, after months, we could see a ray of hope when a survey conducted by CareerNet Technologies stated that over 50% of organizations are considering restarting hiring in full swing from or post the coming January. Additionally, another thing that the survey has also brought to the fore is that 3 out of 4 employers are considering rolled out job offers and are presently recruiting too. Another facet that has been highlighted much of late is contract staffing. As per the same survey, around 48% of the organizations are staying aloof from contract-based recruitments.

Besides hiring, a whopping majority (around 90%) of the organizations have admitted to using various technological solutions for –

  1. Ensuring smooth virtual recruitment
  2. Maintaining business continuity
  3. Enabling work remotely

Industry experts believe that these newly adapted technical skills will be highly valued in the upcoming dynamic business landscape led by technology. The future is about to demonstrate the comfort of dealing with sophisticated technologies and contrivances.

With remote hiring topping the trend chart, few organizations are connecting with remote candidates for digital employer branding. They are conducting assessments and interviews over the digital platforms to avoid the in-person interview amid this pandemic.

As the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown has curtailed organizational costs and increased layoffs, we are about to see a hike in job vacancies. And now with the survey revealing the recruitment projections from January 2021, brace up for some good news. It’s on the way!

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