The Need for Cultivating Adaptability to Fight COVID-19: An Employee Perspective

Adaptability to fight

Adaptability has now become one of the most vital traits for a knowledge worker. Assessing innovative and relevant status quos, making appropriate decisions based on that assessment, and its subsequent implementation is the present-day mantra for being on top of your game in a world running on the New Normal. In other words, the BBC had already called adaptability the ‘X-Factor’ for career growth.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been exposed to a situation that demands extreme adaptability skills. But the question is – are we adaptive enough to fight COVID-19 and at the same time work as efficiently as before to save the businesses from being crushed?

All we need to do is –

  1. cultivate adaptability within ourselves
  2. replace the old working tactics with new skills
  3. adapt to the ever-changing circumstances and tactics

The Darwinian Theory of Evolution regarding the ‘survival of the fittest’ fits in the present situation perfectly. The ones that fail to adapt during this challenging time will be wiped away by the industry itself. So, the need needs to be strongly felt.

The ones that are continuously trying to adapt and striving every day will be standing strong at the end of this pandemic and the ones that cannot hack it, here’s how you can push yourselves and cultivate adaptability within-

A complete makeover of Judgement

Do away with your idea of doing a particular work in a specific method. We know that changes are petrifying, but instead of fearing away, take it as an opportunity to improve and thereby cultivate adaptability. Learn to be receptive to diverse thoughts.

No risk, no gain

As the old saying goes, you cannot proceed without taking risks. It is this risk that will help you to be adaptive in whatever situation comes your way. Besides, you can also help to cultivate the same adaptability among others by adding risk-taking activities to your team-meeting rosters.

Receptivity needs encouragement

The first condition for accepting a change is to be receptive to it, and it is said that encouragement does wonders in developing the same. As soon as such a positive and open ambiance is created, people start evolving and thereby cultivate receptivity. This cultivation culminates in adaptability.

No substitute for learning

To be adaptable, you ought to be curious. Only if you are inquisitive, you will welcome the learning process. With remote working being the new norm, organizations are somewhat forced to take up new technologies and change their working procedures to keep the business up. Only when you learn about the newly introduced techniques and technologies, their processes, and outputs, you can form a vision and work accordingly.

To conclude, you need to understand that this pandemic has changed every bit of your operating plans and methods. The only way you can get yourself back on track is by cultivating adaptability. Because its importance in fighting the COVID-19 situation can never be dodged!

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