NexAEI VisMate – the Free Forever ‘New Normal’ Visitor Management

Normal visitor management

The initial COVID-19 house arrest had been stretched way longer than we had initially expected. Hence, nothing looks more exciting than getting back to our much-missed workplaces now that the nation is unlocking itself. But, amid all this excitement, it is vital to note that the front desk or the reception area is going to show up as our first touchpoints and the obvious transmitters of the coronavirus.

So, without wasting a single more minute, the organizations need to do –

  1. To cut down on the reception crowd
  2. To deploy a no-touch visitor management solution

And NexAEI VisMate fits this requirement frame perfectly. It will help in the creation of a smart and futuristic workplace that is safe for all its visitors. So, we can consider it to be the ‘need’ of the new normal.

Time to dump your age-old traditional visitor management practices and welcome India’s very own & the world’s first-ever 100% free and touchless visitor management solution onboard, so that you can experience –

  • Self-registration from visitor’s mobile
  • Verified visitor KYC
  • Pre-scheduled meetings
  • Digital visitor card

Besides the touchless technology, security is another vital facet in such disruptive times. Keeping a vigilant eye on every visitor has been an obligation from time immemorial. With an apt visitor management solution, you will be able to keep a record of each visitor, safeguard your employees from undesirable/unapproved guests and thereby manage the floor traffic.

Organizations are leaving no stone unturned in deploying a one-for-all solution and take every possible measure to check the spread of COVID-19 from the office premises. It is vital that each visitor stepping in the office post this lockdown feels completely safe and is gifted with a premium experience.

It is about time we act more responsibly than we ever had and pick VisMate for effective visitor management in this new normal, or else we will be risking the wellbeing of innumerable office entrants. We cannot afford to commit such a grave error, can we?

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