EmPal – The Easiest Means to Turn Your Workforce Remote!

Remote workforce

With a sudden wave of the digital workplace and remote work redefining the work culture andenvironment, the significance of the new generation EmPal is hitting the roof once again. The COVID-19 pandemic has almost convinced the industry giants to mull over the ‘work from home’ concept in a more detailed manner. According to reports, Tata Consultancy Services might ask the lion’s share of its workforce (around 75%) to work remotely by 2025. So basically, remote working is going to be the probable norm, moving forward. If that is the case, a smart, –efficient, and most importantly, a mobile workplace management application can have no substitute.

Attendance management, leave management, and shift management are the essential chunks of workplace management, and remote working challenges each one of them separately. EmPal plays the most essential role hereby as it connects and brings every employee to the same page. EmPal GPS has been designed to help you go digital and remote. It can capture employee attendance from any device present in any location using GPS tracking and Geo-fening technologies. Capturing the attendance of remote workers, validating the same, and thereby executing a centralized report has never been better and easier. Besides, real-time dashboards make decision-making more convenient.

The Human Resource Department needs not to wrap its head around emails and sorts for managing the leave requests. EmPal offers one flexible and very smart online Leave management service to take care of all the leave-related proceedings. Real-time app notifications and remote access through the app dashboards help supervisors in approving or rejecting the leave requests. Additionally, aiding documents for requesting leaves can be scanned and uploaded through the app, and leaves and holidays can also be customized as and when needed.

Shift management is generally considered an extremely tedious job and it seems to become more tedious if employees work from their homes. But, EmPal makes it stress-free. It works for repudiating the ordeals of shift management, viz. roster assignment, shift swaps, rotations, and likewise. So, even if you are separated by distance, you can easily work across shifts and smoothly manage your employees depending upon their departments and shifts.

So, considering all the prior leads, can you really not call EmPal your most cooperative friend?

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