Why NexAEI?

Next Generation Advanced Engagement Interface, or NexAEI is an array of smart solutions that was ideated and designed by professionals who have years of experience working as Senior Admins, HR professionals, and IT Heads with one focus – facilitating the creation of a digital workplace that is intuitive, agile, and connected.

In a few years, the new wave of workplace transformation will be completely redefining how organizations will function and how workers will be working. The entire digital revolution will be dominated by innovation and scalable technology – and all forms of organizations will be required to implement them in order to stay ahead of the stiff neck competition!

Reports suggest that the digital workplace market size will be witnessing a steep growth by 2023 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 21.7%. Technological advancements, new collaborative tools, and greater flexibility of work will be the primary driving factors of this digital workplace transformation. Digital workplace services promise to disrupt the market space owing to key benefits like enhanced utilization of resources that lead to improved application delivery and security standards.

By leveraging big data, mobility services, and social media, the digital transformation solutions promise to improve business process model and increase revenue for enterprises. Large enterprises are already adopting digital transformation solutions that integrate advanced technologies such as mobile platforms and facial recognition technology.

Therefore, we bring to you NexAEI – a smart and mobile workplace management application that can help you to get your job done effectively from anywhere and at any time with just a few taps. We are a perfect digital transformation solution that will help make your workplace intuitive, agile, and connected.

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