Why NexAEI Is The Best Solution For All Your VMS Hassles?

VMS hassle

Organizations, big or small, have guests coming in all day long.

Some come in to help your IT team, some come in to deliver stationery, then there are interviewees, your friend or family – the list is practically HUGE!

Now, if your company also has a good number of visitors on a regular basis, you must be well acquainted with the numerous issues revolving around visitor management.

All those pen and paper registrations, missing records, overcrowded front office, confused visitors, host unavailable, etc., frustrate businesses a lot!

So, what is the alternative?

The Ultimate Solution!

It is simple!

What you are looking for is an automated visitor registration system that stores all the visitor information on a centralized database and churns out information whenever you need it.

All of this in one place, in one mobile application – NexAEI.

This is not just another VMS promotional blog. NexAEI is a sneak peek into what the future of front office operations would look like.

Let us consider 5 of the main issues you face with your existing visitor management system, and how NexAEI’s Visitor In & Out (VIO) provides an answer to each one of them.

I: Misinformation and Issues with Logging Out


In case of spelling mistakes or typos or any other mistakes done by the visitors while registering themselves during the signing in process, they usually find it hard to sign out as they can’t find themselves signed in. In such occurrences, they usually blame the VMS.


With NexAEI, you can completely forget identification issues such as these. And the reason is quite apparent.

While a visitor signs in, the system requires them to take a selfie that is saved along with the personal information.

Also, at the time of registration through the NexAEI Kiosk, the visitor is asked to provide their mobile number. NexAEI sends an OTP to that mobile number, which needs to be validated at the kiosk app.

In such a way, NexAEI cross validates a visitor avoiding any form of mistakes at the time of registration.

II: Pre-Inviting Guests and Scheduling Meetings


Sending out invites and scheduling meeting and events are a distant dream for most VMSs. However, the presence of such a feature would delight individuals who are organized and chalk out schedules in advance.


NexAEI can help you in such a case in the best way possible.

With NexAEI a host can easily pre-schedule a meeting or just organize and invite a previous visitor for a meeting that is about to happen on a certain date. Further, he may connect with the invitees from within the application itself.

III: Clueless Visitors and Security Breaches


Visitors who arrive at an office front desk are quite capable of generating visitor passes for themselves. These visitor passes enable the visitor to pass through their intended gate. Similar occurrences might arise security concerns as the admin panel or the host stand unaware of the situation.


NexAEI has its own unique way of tackling this issue.

When a visitor generates a visitor pass from the front desk Kiosk, the information gets conveyed to the host, whom the visitor has arrived to meet.

Now, at that point in time, if the host is ready for the meeting, he/she can just accept the meeting.

This acceptance will get conveyed to the front office personnel who will inform the visitor about the same.

But if the host is busy at that point, then the person can postpone the meeting and the same happening will take place in the same way.

IV: Meeting Cancellations


Such instances when a visitor arrives to meet an employee who has been traveling or is in someplace other than the office, occurs in every office. And, in usual cases, the meeting gets canceled.


In such cases, an employee using NexAEI, who has been traveling or is out of the office for some valid reason can transfer the meeting to one of his colleagues in order to avoid meeting cancelations.

V: Privacy Concerns Regarding Paper Logbooks


Lastly, this issue is one that is the most overlooked of any organization.

There are such cases when a visitor arrives at a time when the front desk person is not at their place. Such occurrences make valuable information stored in the front desk logbooks vulnerable.


With NexAEI you can just easily cast out such vulnerability of your front desk’s valuable information.

Through NexAEI all the information that a visitor enters into the front desk Kiosk, gets conveyed to the admin instantly and gets stored in the central database.

In this way, the information now becomes inaccessible to anyone else other than the admin and to get hands-on it, an individual requires permission from the admin.

What’s Your Take?

This is how NexAEI solves the issues that bog down other conventional VMSs. So, if you are facing similar issues with your regular VMS, then this is high time you shift to NexAEI.

The future is now.

If you have any unsolved queries left about NexAEI, you can visit us at www.info.nexaei.com or just mail us at sales@nexaei.com.

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