Why NexAEI is the best solution for all your HRMS hassles

HRMS hassle

Irrespective of how big an organization is, none of them would wish to lose their most treasured asset i.e., their employees. And, for the exact reason, employee satisfaction has always been one of the primary concerns of any employer.

Despite such concern, issues regarding employee dissatisfaction have always been arousing in every organization. And, most of such issues get triggered by the HR’s desk.

So, if you are concerned with such employee dissatisfaction issues occurring in your organization, worry no more. NexAEI can help you get rid of such issues in the wink of an eye.

Want to know how? Stay tuned as here I have made a rundown of the 5 most vital issues along with their solutions in the NexAEI way.

I: Data Storing

Traditionally, employee details used to be recorded and maintained in registers and logbooks, where primarily attendance, timestamps, and leaves used to be written down for processing salaries at the end of the month. With the onslaught of the digital age, spreadsheets replaced the registers and logbooks.


NexAEI is a smart solution that digitally stores and secures the employee information that includes check-in and check-out timestamps, attendance, leave requests and leave account. Moreover, the mobile application enables employees to check their information on their smartphones! This surely enhances and fortifies employee engagement in any organization, big or small.

II: Employee Self Service

The conventional procedure of getting a leave application approved in an organization takes place through emails and phone calls. And due to such a practice, many employees face unanticipated outcomes which were followed by overlooked emails and unanswered calls. Such occurrences resulted in salary discrepancies and so forth.

So, to make sure this practice lets out accurate results, organizations usually depend on HRs which ends up hampering their daily tasks like no other.


NexAEI comes with an Employee Self Service a.k.a. ESS feature that facilitates the leave application and approval scene. With NexAEI, employees do not require emailing or calling their respective reporting heads to get leaves approved. Instead, they can just open the NexAEI app on their respective smartphones and apply for leaves directly from the app itself.

III: Payroll

The calculation of the basic pay, the incentives and reimbursements fall in the payroll system, which is taken care of by the HR. It also counts in the appraisal system and salary increments.

Traditionally, all these used to get managed and registered in the logbooks and registers. This practice, later on, shifted into the spreadsheets. But due to human intervention, this practice is still prone to errors.


Even the smallest of mistakes while processing payrolls may trigger widespread dissatisfaction among employees. But if you are experiencing the service of NexAEI, you do not need to worry about any such things.

NexAEI has an inbuilt automation system, which we now call as PayCalc, set to tackle these delicate issues.

IV: Leave & Attendance Management

A good number of organizations out there are still stuck with the practice of recording attendances and leaves in registers and logbooks. Whereas, there are some organizations have stepped into the digital arena, eliminating their front desk rituals with the biometric attendance system.

But, none of these practices have helped to facilitate the HR’s job. All they have done is providing the HR personnel with huge chunks of unorganized data.


NexAEI comes with a kiosk that is capable of recognizing employees through their QR code. A face recognition tech is also an alternative.

Moreover, an organization is using a biometric attendance system to keep track of its employees’ check-in and check-out and as a result, if they are facing the above-mentioned challenges, they can simply opt for NexAEI.

NexAEI shall integrate with their biometric attendance system and will automatically calculate all the data received from the biometric attendance system to provide a piece of organized information to the HR cutting off all the unnecessary hassles.

V: Compliance

Any kind of misapprehension in following the statutory compliance guidelines regarding PF, ESI, and TDS can lead the company towards grave penalties. All these legal implications usually fall under HR’s concern and are quite prone to human mistakes.


Compliance related issues have always been the most complicated thing of an HR’s task list.

But, NexAEI has its own way of dealing with all such issues. NexAEI takes care of all the PF, ESI, TDS, etc., and cutting down a huge chunk of unnecessary hassles from the HR’s task list.

Final Thoughts

Issues have always been there and so have been solutions. And, if you are still worried about the issues that I have discussed in this blog, all you need to do is mail us at sales@nexaei.com and request for a free demo.

NexAEI is here to help you!

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