Why Does the Education Industry Need to Digitally Manage Their Visitors?

Education Industry

An educational institution is the cornerstone of a society and hence a nation. So, its overall safety is a prime requisite when it comes to schools and other educational institutions. With all the security mishaps growing all-powerful worldwide since the last decade, and recently with the health concerns brought about by the COVID-19 outbreak, guardians have become thoughtful about the security of a school campus. Any kind of dereliction on behalf of the schools or other study centers will no longer be dealt with calmly by the parents.

So, the institutions need to emphasize their need for a comprehensive and able visitor management system that can strengthen their security compliance. Schools and other educational institutes are known to get a thousand visitors daily from various professions including, guardians, pick-up persons, guests, volunteers, and even salespeople. In such a scenario, watching over all the visitors and documenting them on pen and paper might be extremely hard for school admins. In such a situation, a digital visitor management system becomes a basic need.

With the lion’s share of the global business sectors investing in premium visitor management systems, why should the education industry be left behind?

Though several aspects make the presence of such a system evident, we will focus on the security aspect herein. Nowadays, parents demand a fault-proof security system to be up and effectively working in the institution their child attends. An effective digital visitor management system can offer you –

  • Documentation of every visitor inside the premises (Facial Recognition, KYC Registration)
  • Differentiation of students and staff from the rest of the visitors
  • Visual deterrence
  • No-touch operations and physical distancing

Such a premium solution will keep the institution and the parents on the same page when it comes to student security. Your admin team will be able to breathe as parents will receive every notification through the mobile application regarding –

  • Schedule of the parent-teacher meetings
  • Reports of child pick-up and drop
  • Access of the visitor records

Every facet of student security can be covered by a fitting visitor management system ad one such premium experience can be provided by NexAEI VisMate. Going digital and touchless is the need of the hour. VisMate will be one appropriate and effective visitor management solution in walking your visitors through the primary level of interaction with the institution. With VisMate, your institute will have –

  • Touch-free and faster visitor check-ins and check-outs
  • Facial recognition-based visitor registration
  • Visitor KYC registration for enhanced security
  • Parents’ invitation for child pick up and PTMs through the app
  • Detailed child pick-up reports
  • Access to viewing and downloading visitor records easily
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Centralized multi-location data
  • Co-visitor registration

So, get set and step into a premium world full of beneficial promises to serve your apprentices better and take your institute a notch higher! Visit our website to know more about our offerings!

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