Transforming Your Front Office Experience in 2020 – the top 4 key trends

Front office experience

Global enterprises are realizing the importance of securing their data, people, and facilities. The emerging security concerns in the world today are forcing us to move beyond paper logbooks as well as simple access management software/applications. Modern security needs are undoubtedly more complex for old school security techniques, and therefore, we need something more advanced and in tune with the current needs.

Integrating security with everyday operations is a primary need today for most organizations owing to the recent increase in threats of data breaches, property damage, physical threat, and so much more. Therefore, the implementation of a robust security culture in your business is important, with an easy to access digital visitor record being the starting point!

Let us look at 4 key trends that will help to reshape visitor management practices in 2020:

The Cloud Approach

Recent developments in cloud computing have been a major disruptor in the technology domain that has increased the reliance on how data can be stored, formatted, and analyzed. As for visitor management systems, cloud computing promises of offering a secure and optimized platform for the visitors, the host, and the admin. This new decade, cloud computing is all set to throw light on new trends that will be the foundation of disruptive innovation.

It must be mentioned here that all organizations are already running most of their workloads on the cloud, however, the understanding about securing the cloud is blurry. This makes security only but an afterthought with cloud deployments owing to traditional security measures may inhibit the agility of a business.

Today, leading security solutions are trying to align themselves with the new paradigm of cloud-based and flexible architectures that deliver effective security services at great speed. We need to remember that increasing reliance on public cloud infrastructure might be risky as there are chances of an outage. This means that companies would be looking at their existing data center/s and cloud deployments. They may also consider hybrid environments that comprise both public and private clouds.

Cloud services that are hosted and managed using the likes of AWS RDS, would be more safe and secure, and promises that your company data will be maintained in a safe and secure way. Moreover, these service providers would promise comprehensive protection against loss of data and downtime.

Improved Analytics and Insights

Analytics has always been a crucial game-changer for organizations. The trend will remain the same in the future as all major tech companies have finally figured out that data will be ruling the future, and more importantly, the real-time processing of it.

Replacing a manual visitor logbook with a digital visitor management software means that you do not just remove human intervention, but also obtain clean and insightful visitor information which is stored for all future use. By analyzing the available analytics, visitor/security management service providers are then able to offer extensive data reports for highlighting all the necessary visitor trends to their clients.

A proper report enables you to ascertain the reason for a visitor to send in a meeting request, and improve any on-site visitor management including any meetings, events, etc.

Development and Integrations

All the leading visitor management solutions that are available in the market have a host of impressive features to address the needs of an organization pertaining to managing their visitors and guests. It is based on the premium features that a brand offers, that organizations find it easy to pick and choose a VMS.

Facial recognition which had been only a part of sci-fi movies has become a reality today with more and more brands integrating it with their products. With this advanced AI biometric technology, check-in processes become easier and more effective, along with improved workflows in your reception desks. The solution improves the visitor experience for those who visit regularly.

Focusing on User and Customer Experience

We are all aware of the fact that successful digital transformation is dependent on user and customer experience (UX/CX). And, this same emphasis will be driving the business investments for digital transformation.

Digital visitor management features such as real-time notifications and custom workflows will help organizations identify priority visitors/guests and improve on their experience. It needs to be kept in mind that you should invest in a user-focused visitor management system in order to be able to showcase your company’s commitment to delivering your guests with a best-in-class experience.

With the help of an automated visitor management system, you can be able to print customized badges, check-in using QR codes, track visitors on your site, and send out meeting invites to premium guests. This not just ensures hassle-free visitor management but also promises that you fortify the security compliance standards of your organization.

In conclusion, all we have to say is that upgrading your visitor management systems not only digitally revolutionizes the front desk of your office, but also ensures that your employees can work effectively. A cloud-based visitor management software is focused on the future and is a scalable solution that helps you manage your visitors, guests, contractors, and events from one location. So you just need to look out for these four key trends when you are thinking of leveraging a next-generation visitor management service that would help you make your front office look smart!

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