Three Common Problems that Immobilize Your Front Office Operations

Common problems

Generally referred to as the front desk or the front office, the office reception forms a critical touchpoint for visitors and guests coming in. Right from the backdrop to the furniture and the lighting the front desks are carefully designed and a lot of investments go in to create that first impression. 

Do you think that’s all it takes? No.

Even with state-of-the-art furniture crafted from the finest quality wood to extremely classy lightings many large enterprises fail to provide a premium visitor experience due to manual handling of visitor records using outdated techniques – a soiled visitor logbook and a ballpoint pen. This lack of automated software for efficient registration and maintenance of visitor records can be costly to your brand’s image. 

The importance of implementing an efficient and smart visitor management system is known to all, and there are several such systems and software available in the market today. However, before you deploy any such system at your front office it is important to understand the common problems every reception area is affected by and the ways in which you may find the right software.

We have gone through surveys and reports and have found out three of the most common yet critical problems that immobilize the front office operations. To further delight you and make this piece of content more relevant, we will be sharing a premium visitor management solution at the end of this blog. 

Problem 1: Messing up the Brand Image

Let us understand the problem by imagining a situation where your visitor is standing in front of a visitor logbook scribbling his details at the bottom of a long visitors list. Then he is required to show his IDs, have his photos taken and wait till his visitor pass is printed out and handed to him. 

This is a major flaw in the traditional visitor registration process that instantly makes the guest offended. Owing to it being a regular practice, it often misses out being an important priority. But, it is.

However, you can avoid annoying your guests by simply installing a smart visitor management system at your front office. Your guest will walk up to a self-servicing mobile application, register his details and mentioning the purpose of his visit, and the host he wants to meet. The host will be notified about the meeting request via an email, an IVR call or an SMS. Upon receiving an alert the host will take out his phone and accept, reject, or forward the meeting after reviewing the information sent from the front desk kiosk. Hence, a smart visitor management software helps in streamlining the entire process from visitor check-in and check-out, as well as give a refreshing experience to your visitors or guests.

Problem 2: Security concerns for office facilities 

The information entered by your visitor in the visitor logbook is neither validated nor secured. This means that the information can be counterfeit since there is no verification system in place. There are also chances of the information getting stolen by the next set of visitors visiting your office – thereby data security of your organization is compromised.

You can fix this problem with a visitor management technology which verifies the information entered by sending an OTP on his/her registered phone number. With this smart visitor management software, you can collect visitor information and store it in a centralized database for easy retrieval at any given time and from any location. Thereafter, upon his next visit, he is just required to give his registered mobile number or he can scan his QR code, and step into your office. This is because all his details will be made available to the front desk executive by the system – thereby saving time and forgetting unwanted queues.

Problem 3: Time consuming

Let us also understand the concerns from the visitor perspective now.

Waiting in queue, dealing with front desk security, fumbling with a visitor register or logbook, producing IDs and waiting for the approval consume much of your visitor’s precious time. Some of them may be delivery guys who have a huge delivery list that day.

What you can do is automate and streamline the entire check-in and check- out process with an advanced registration system. So, no more waiting, no queues, and smooth execution!

With the digital revolution right around the corner, it is now time that you replace your dull paper logbook and manual process with a smart visitor management software that will help you to get rid of these common and useless problems that are making your front office look shabby in performance.

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