Things to Keep in Mind While Transforming Your Payroll Processing Experience

Payroll processing experience

It is not a new revelation that handling payroll processing is a real pain for Human Resource (HR) and Finance teams in any organization. Salary processing is all about mountains of paperwork accompanied by extensive manual intervention and long boring processing hours – be it payroll management, employee on-boarding and/or leave management. Surprisingly, a report reveals that more than 11% of HR professionals are completely relying on manual payroll processing.

HR processes have and are undergoing vast strides of development as and when we speak today. Technological developments like Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are overhauling how the HR function now. In today’s digital age, more and more companies are leveraging RPA to increase the efficiency of all their data-driven processes.

Modern businesses need a payroll system integrated with their existing legacy systems for easy data validation and fortifying payroll compliance – thereby enabling a better employee experience at zero error!

Let us now shift our attention to understanding the unwanted pain of payroll processing and trends to follow in order to mitigate the challenges by automating the Herculean tasks of HR professionals – paperwork, scheduling, and attendance management.

Efficient Data Validation is No Myth!

Collating all the data required for payroll processing has been one of the most time-consuming aspects of employee payroll processing. Just recollect the tiring hours you spent to check those never-ending spreadsheets manually, verifying that the information to be processed is correct and up-to-date, and then manually checking whether the result is correct. Phew!

But now with an automatic data validation process, you can easily set up the payroll system according to your unique specifications of organizations. All you need to do is enter your company policies on attendance, leave, and shift and then just sit back and watch the system do the calculations for you!

Smart and Centralized Storage Coupled With a Simple UI

You no longer require managing multiple spreadsheets with an automated payroll system. The new system boasts a clean user interface and design enabling easy navigation and efficient workflow. Since all that data is stored in a single location, you can easily access and save all payroll-related data, and also archive them for later use. The UI should be such that HR professionals responsible for payroll processing will be able to update the system themselves!

Goodbye Human Intervention!!

All those organizations that are still sticking to conventional payroll system just because they are afraid of venturing out of their little archaic comfort zone are all frustrated that is accompanied by manual interventions. By automating salary processing, HR professionals will get a fresh lease of life and can take part in critical business decision-making. The system should be such that HR professionals can make changes directly in the system.

Managing Tasks Manually… Really??

With manual consolidation of tasks, the HR team is still grappling with the payroll system with which the journey to smart HR is a distant dream. It is time that you should implement an automatic payroll system in your organization. Automated payroll systems will gear your organization towards keeping track of accruals such as sick pay, vacation and more, depending on your company policies. This automatic process not only helps companies but also employees in enjoying a smooth payroll experience.

Somebody once said, ‘Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today’. Putting the old saying into real-life practice is really challenging especially when HR departments need to handle stacking piles of employee records, making reports, and managing the payroll. In such a situation, implementing an automated system could be the only possible way to unload the burden and save time and effort that is unnecessarily spent on high-volume but low-value activities.

Honestly speaking, the adoption of an automated payroll system is just a waystation on the journey to become a smart HR in a smart workplace. Therefore, it is necessary to embrace an end-to-end payroll solution that will help you to begin the journey to being a smart HR.

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