The Grand Merger of AI & Human Brains

AI and human brains

At a time when digital transformation is the most sought after thing under the sun, a complete reboot in the world of business is the most predictable phenomenon. The big blow of COVID-19 on the organizations can only be healed by the recent wave of dynamic digital transformation.

At the core of this transformation is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and it is providing the companies with all-inclusive support, starting with innovation to ideation. It is even helping companies worldwide with strategic decision making too. With the supportive interruption of AI, companies have been able to cope with their drooping efficiencies, product or service qualities, and even customer support. So, the biggest takeaway of various companies from their AI integration is the liberation of their outright potentials.

Leveraging AI to increase the business value

There is no denying to the fact that AI brings value but not without human efforts with the most relevant skills. Industry leaders had accepted to invest hugely in preparing their workforces to work in this new AI-laden business world with more efficient and relevant skill-sets. By reskilling, they do not mean mere hard technology-based reskilling but also a much-needed advancement of soft skills like negotiation, leadership, and similar others. Consequently, it has been proved that AI integration can –

  1. Censor the repetitive tasks so that the workforce gets time to polish their skills related to some other esteemed undertakings.
  2. Bite on to the enormous data pools and churn out insights. Needless to say, companies need great human intellect and skill-sets to work on those insights and generate valuable leads for the organization.

AI assists in expanding the human proficiencies

A Microsoft survey states that a whopping majority of 98% of senior the business leaders and 87% of the employees agree to be AI-augmented, which means with the introduction of AI in their workspaces, they have become more effective. It is vital to note that with AI, businesses have been able to grasp new prospects and significantly enhance their dealings with their respective customer bases too.

A few months into utilizing AI in business and the business leaders have already agreed to unravel the business values like never before. Hence, they are now more than inspired to outspread their AI utilizations and engage in upskilling.

Welcome to a new world of business, a grand merger of AI and human brains!

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