Stay Healthy, Stay Fit & Fight Corona!

Stay fit in corona

Is the coronavirus outbreak and all the anxiety surrounding taking a toll on your physical and mental health? Is the extensive lockdown coming in the way of your regular fitness routine?

Hakuna Matata! Losing a little control is very natural at such unsettling times. All of a sudden the COVID-19 outbreak and the shutting of the gym have thrown your daily health and fitness routines into disarray.

Furthermore, rationing of the necessary food items has hit your daily food habits as well. But, if social distancing and self-quarantining are being advised by governments and health-care sectors all across the globe, then so be it. We are in it together and we’ll win together!

Even if you are on a lockdown, taking good care of your health is nothing difficult. You need to eat well, get sound sleep, engage in exercise or yoga, connect with friends and family, and engage in hobbies you have almost forgotten given your busy schedule. A healthy body needs a healthy mind too.

I am sharing the tricks am following to stay fit and fine, and I hope this would help you as much as it has helped me and my family – 

  • The Diet: Add Vitamin B rich veggies like spinach, broccoli, and beans, eggs, fish, and fruits like bananas in your diet. These help your brain to release dopamine & serotonin – the organic chemicals that induce happiness. Additionally, you may toss in some immunity boosters like garlic, ginger, yogurt, almonds, turmeric, papaya as well to make your diet yummier!
  • The Sleep: Sound and adequate sleep will clear out the toxins from your body and repair your body cells mainly. Psychological wellbeing is a compulsion in dreadful times like this.
  • The Exercise: Work out! It will reduce your stress, help you sleep better and keep you fit. Even the World Health Organization has recommended a minimum of 30 minutes of movement in a day. Engaging in any form of exercise like brisk walking, yoga, pilates, skipping, sit-ups, walking up & down your home stairs and even dance will seal the deal. 
  • The Socializing: Practicing self-isolation can be dreadful sometimes and can get on to your nerves. So it is important to revive your social connections via phone calls, video calls, social media platforms and so on. Be distantly social in the wake of social distancing!
  • The Hobbies: Getting hand-on with your long-lost hobbies can easily be stress-reliever. This lockdown has gifted us the opportunity of breaking the monotony and stepping aside from the rat race and engaging in activities that will help in promoting comprehensive mental health. 

Leading a healthy life and maintaining fitness might help to keep you in a better and safer position. The novel coronavirus has already spread across the world like wildfire and is spreading more as we speak and there are yet no medications or vaccines to curb this destruction. So, fitness and isolation might be the most effective weapons to the contagion currently. Let’s pledge to stick by the rules and wipe out the virus in a healthy way!

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