Preparing for the Post-Covid Era Working (Part 3)

Post covid era working

Employees Vote for Flexibility And Hygiene

For every organization, both the management and the employees are equally precious. Without one, the other is almost non-existent. Similar to our last blog that hovered over the management perspective, this blog will revolve around the workplace environment that the employees seek in the post-COVID era.

The world has been working from home for many months now. Slowly and steadily, they have adapted to this new way of working. But getting used to the new normal has not been easy, and some are still struggling.

A study (conducted among 1700 respondents) named “A Changed World: What Happens When We Return to the Office?” released by global architecture and design firm, Interior Architects (IA), revealed what the organizations should be doing in this new normal to make their employees feel safe heading back to the offices, and they are –

  1. Phased re-entry into the workplace – 63% votes
  2. Enhanced and increased cleaning frequency – 54% votes
  3. Flexibility to work from home regularly – 51% votes
  4. Short-term social distancing protocols – 43% votes
  5. Grace period for returning to office – 40% votes

This crucial time is all about putting every ounce of humanity into action before thinking about making huge profits. Employees need to feel safe in an environment where they would be returning. And, none of their demands seem unreasonable. Flexibility, hygiene, and time should be awarded to them.

People had just started settling in the comfort of the flexible remote working culture. Hence, companies need to make the transition from home to the office very smoothly and efficiently. It is still too early to bring a 100% workforce back all at once, so phased re-entry seems to work the best here.

Again, keeping in mind the seriousness of the current situation, some employees should also have the flexibility of remote working regularly. Additionally, safety should never be a question if the cleaning frequency is increased and the social distancing protocols are defined as demanded.

No matter how disruptive the COVID-19 crisis had been for businesses worldwide, the post-COVID era will only be better. We need to grab smart approaches towards work and work proactively too. Today, organizations are heavily indulged in analyzing the post-COVID workplace for us to come together and thereby work again.

The new-normal masked workplace will be all about employee safety. Similarly, employees will also have to be more efficient and focused after this prolonged working from the home phase. Good days are ahead, so let us fasten our seat belts and drive forward in sync!

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