Preparing for a Challenging 2022 and the Road Beyond

Preparing for Challenges

Automation, hybridization, and digitization – the three tech trends of 2021 required agile, focused, and compassionate leaders; leaders who could influence their teams and make them reskill/upskill themselves to fit the new hybrid workspace perfectly. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic and everything else that came along has made it very clear that businesses will no longer be ‘usual’ after this. So, the big question is – how should the leaders prepare themselves for a challenging 2022 and also the road beyond?

Use technology as humanly as possible

Adapting to the latest technologies at work is necessary, but technology should be used as a supportive tool and not something that disturbs human psychology. With the extensive utilization of virtual and augmented reality, leaders need to keep an eye on the role of these new systems in augmenting the quality of work but the quality of human lives too. With the face-to-face social interactions missing these days, the demand for VR is soaring. As a result, organizations must recognize that need and leverage these technologies responsibly and as humanly as possible.

Rebuild the company culture with diversity

The past year has seen a lot of changes in company cultures. With the new normal spreading its wings, companies needed empathetic and approachable leadership, both on face and screen. With hybridization and innovation taking over workspaces, leaders needed to rule out the old ways and cultures and replace them with the new ones. Similarly, 2022 also needs an inclusive organizational culture to run better and excel. Another trend that seemed to bloom in 2021 was the growing diversity in the workforce. It has helped to enhance the work quality. In the coming years, organizations, as well as leaders, will have to promote diversity too.

Make teamwork a business imperative

The boat keeps afloat only when the rowers are in sync. Similarly, every team member should be pursuing one goal being in the same loop. In a hybrid work environment, teamwork can do wonders when it comes to business performance. For a smooth future in the new normal, leaders must ensure teams possess similar strengths, skills, and mindsets to row the boat together. A team needs a pool of stars that can lead and follow, as per the need of the game.

Teach leadership to the employees

n organization as a whole must understand the concept of leadership clearly. A leader does not need to boss around; instead, the job of a leader is to influence and inspire. A bossy boss will only cause burnouts in employees, whereas a leader will bring about the desired action. So, teaching leadership to the employees will encourage them to work towards organizational and personal success. When employees start understanding leading in the right way, they will automatically take proactive steps to cultivate the skill.

To sum it up, it is essential to understand that business is human. Even though the pandemic has made organizations take up the technology massive, certain crucial aspects of the business will always remain human. Technology and automation can never replace morality, judgment, or empathy, which are the cornerstones of success in any business standing today. Not machines but humans run companies, even today. Automation can enhance work but it cannot make us better employees. So, the road to a successful 2022 and beyond can only be covered seamlessly if leaders can balance the human and tech resources efficiently.

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