Location-Based Attendance Capturing Wins The Day

Location based attendance

The journey from ‘normal’ to ‘new normal’ and now onto the ‘next normal’ has only been possible due to continuous innovation and automation. What seemed like an unreal expectation two years back has turned out to be a promising reality today!

A few facts that need to be highlighted first –
• HR teams have had a hard time tracking remote attendance and scheduling shifts since the lockdown
• Location-based attendance tracking (GPS and Geofence) for distributed workforces (home-based as well as outdoor) have gained prominence
• Regularity, transparency, and productivity has increased beyond expectation
• Actionable insights like real-time analytics and customized organization attendance data are the need of the hour for all managers and supervisors

Workplace Automation 2.0

NexAEI’s Workplace Automation 2.0 is on its journey to make attendance smart for organizations and hassle-free for the HR teams. It has achieved great success in simplifying all the present-day HR operations. Among all, the most impactful contribution of NexAEI has been remote attendance capturing and tracking. With it, the employees can punch in their attendance from their handheld smartphones from any location. Moreover, the HRs can access the consolidated attendance data from a smart dashboard and thereby download the actionable reports.

Location-based Attendance Capturing

When it comes to picking out the most preferred means of remote attendance capturing, GPS and Geofence are the real treats. Nothing else could have armed the HR teams more adequately because the new normal is all about distributed workforces. With location-based attendance capturing systems, companies have achieved better accuracy, improved productivity, enhanced security, clearer visibility, and more flexibility. Reviewing attendance workflows has never been easier.

On another note, with a steady improvement in attendance capturing, payroll processing is getting steadier too. Gone are the days of pulling data from all over the place. HRs can now leverage the smart analytics dashboards for payroll generation.

Therefore we see that location-based attendance capturing has eliminated false or proxy check-ins, manual attendance approvals, productivity challenges, and fuzzy supervision of the home-based as well as remote workforces.  With enhanced visibility, the present-day super HRs are no longer just running after attendance, leave, shift, and payroll data. They are becoming more responsible and focused on smart workforce management with even smarter tools, like NexAEI!

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