Into the World of ‘Touchless’ Possibilities

Touchless possibilities

‘Necessity is the mother of invention.’

We have been hearing this proverb since time immemorial, until recently when we got to experience it. Probably this pandemic has brought about the biggest ‘necessities’ that we could of think of; accelerating innovation and technological advancements by almost ten times. It has therefore birthed numerous technologies to keep businesses up and running during such an uncertain time.

One vital transformation or innovation as we consider it, among all of these technologies emerging, is the rapid shift from physical to digital workplaces. Remote working, that was only an option until this pandemic was forced to be the ‘new normal’ and an absolute obligation.

Now, as the lockdown had started dissolving slowly yet steadily, organizations are rushing towards the necessary technology deployments as soon as possible.

One such major step is ‘going entirely touchless’. So, what is this much-coveted and widely discussed ‘ touchless technology’? It is that electronics control technology that enables its users to exert full control over a digital system and not touch it even once. One such technology by the name ‘Touchless Visitor Management System’ is a global need now.

Assumptions are that voice-controlled or gesture-controlled assistants will make ‘absolute touchless’ happen; but, given the immediate requirements, solutions such as NexAEI have developed and we are preparing to deploy a true touchless technology to the world!

But first, let us discuss why is this touchless VMS an apex requirement today?

  1. The coronavirus transmits via touch, and with touchless VMS, the ‘touch’ factor gets eliminated
  2. Employee health is not compromised as it ensures proper maintenance of the same
  3. Productivity remains unhindered as employee health and well-being is prioritized and acknowledged
  4. The workplace and mainly the reception area remain crowd-free as visitors are greeted digitally
  5. Employees and their whereabouts are tracked and documented, so the VMS knows if a particular employee had been in touch with a coronavirus sufferer

Putting a touchless and digital VMS into practice makes way for securing and storing a lot of vital data as well. Via this system, a hygienic interaction can be guaranteed. Bringing the employees of an entire organization under one touchless system will automatically lead to the collection of a data pool that on proper breakdown will produce insights useful for enhancing the work milieu.

The introduction and utilization of a touchless VMS will thus open a world of limitless possibilities for the nation. Are you not tempted to take a sneak peek into this touchless world and that too for free ?

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