How to Keep Your Office Safe with No-Touch Visitor Check-In Process?

No touch visitor

Offices are opening and visitors are coming in to meet you. But the virus threat is yet not over. New COVID-19 positive cases are still being recorded. How will you now ensure the safety of your workers and contain the spread of the deadly disease in your front office?

Social media posts are always talking about personal hygiene and social distancing. But do you think your front office can completely be safe when you have visitors coming in and using your logbooks and pen to register themselves? We all know that the answer is NO! moreover, it is not humanly possible to sanitize your front office and the stationeries every time a visitor checks in.

What then is the solution?

Touch-free visitor registration and sign-in process through an automated system is something that every organization needs now. This protects both the teams as well as the guests and shows that your organization is skillfully adapting itself to enforce the standard health and safety regulations.

A ‘no-touch’ visitor sign-in helps you to offer a premium visitor registration process and gives your visitors and employees an assurance that your brand thinks beyond the global pandemic and appropriates a digital and futuristic reception area!

NexAEI is at the heart of the digital transformation that is even more relevant in today’s world, and our visitor management application – NexAEI VisMate – has already started helping brands use our touchless visitor registration feature within all types of buildings – the Invite Guest feature.

Given that you would try and control who enters your office space until things go back to being normal, VisMate’s Invite Guest feature will be an absolute delight for you. App users will be able to send out personalized invites to their guests for a meeting or an event. The invites would be sent to the selected guests’ mobile phones in the form of an SMS with a unique guest identification number (GIN). The visitor simply needs to verbally share the GIN with your front office executive and the sign-in process is complete.

Yes, it is that simple and now effectively safe for your teams and guests.

By leveraging the digital treat of NexAEI VisMate and the no-touch sign-in process, you can minimize the spread germs and help the nation fight coronavirus!

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