Getting A Hold of the Touchless World

Touchless world

Creating something new is tough, but getting an absolute hold of it is tougher!

The world has taken a plunge into the digital world of limitless possibilities with the onset of a pandemic. From this plunge appeared a pearl, the touchless visitor management system. The touchless technology powering VMSs has not only promised to safeguard workforces but also offer a seamless premium experience!

Organizations are pulling out all the stops so that when we get back to our good old pre-COVID days, we are welcomed by a brand-new digital workplace. As the first touchpoint of this digital workplace is a reception desk, where the touchless VMS will be designated at the reception kiosk itself. Eager to know how would this system work? Let’s give you a quick tour

  1. Visitor recognition is taken care of by a futuristic facial recognition technology. The AI-based facial recognition scans a face and registers the associated data
  2. Check-in is completed by scanning the QR code at the reception kiosk or filling in the unique identification number sent over text message or email as an invitation previously
  3. On checking in, the visitor and the host both get a notification on their devices. The visitor gets to enter the work floor only if the meeting is approved by the respective host

The visitor check-in and management are going to be touchless under the radar of this new VMS. In addition, this ensures that there is no crowding at your reception with the easy deployment of the front office solution.

On another note, putting such futuristic premium technologies in place is regarded as a national duty in times of this COVID-19 pandemic. Employee health and welfare had always been a priority, and the extent to which the organizations are reaching to ensure the same is commendable. All you need to know is your organization and its requirements well enough to pick the most appropriate and fit-for-all touchless VMS for itself.

They say, “charity begins at home”. So, organizations must start securing workplaces and safeguarding their employees from this lethal zoonotic virus, thereby contributing towards the greater good for the society. A touchless VMS is just the beginning of this endless cosmos.

Brining to you ‘a touchless solution for the health of the nation’; an extraordinary freemium experience for the first time! Hold your breath and keep a watch on this space as we reveal more.

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