Digital Transformation begins at the Front Office

Digital transformation

A business enterprise undergoes several process-specific, digital remedies over their journey. In this blog, we will explore the trend that focuses on digitally transforming the front-office operations to bring about organizational success, in the long-run.

Automation starts from your front-desk

The trailblazers of the digital era have proved to us, time and again, that by focusing our attention on the front office first, we lay the foundation for long-term success. The latest study conducted by Cognizant Center for the Future of Work reveals, “By applying digital remedies to precisely targeted process areas, organizations can relieve operational stress and generate improvements, yielding outsized results that ripple across the process value chain.”

The key organizational benefits can be reaped only by revolutionizing the customer-facing, employee-engaging & front-office processes. In other words, the biggest break to kindle positive change lies in implementing and executing a focused digital remedy to bridge the gap between the organization and its customers & staff members.

Some of the front office transformations that drive connectivity and enhance engagement between the business unit and its direct stakeholders include:

Employee Satisfaction

Front-office automation ensures employee satisfaction, and boosts employee engagement. Once all the systems have been centralized to generate accurate, unified reports, right from the front-desk – life becomes a lot easier for the entire workforce, as a whole.

Employee check-in/check-out scenario

With the help of front-office installations, staff members can now view their timestamps, and scrutinize the number of hours clocked from their own device, anytime, anywhere.

Attendance, Leave & Shift Management

They can also check their daily attendance, download weekly rosters, apply for leaves, and get a clear understanding of the changing shifts and time-slots.

Customer-friendly & Visitor Ease

Bridging the gap between employer & employee is not enough to achieve the long-term goals of an organization. A lot can be done to establish smooth lines of communication with the customers/visitors. Automation of the front-office paves the path for error-free, secured processes, centralized data-sources, & enhances overall clarity.

Quick Verifications

When a client/customer visits, they are seamlessly registered in through a series of hassle-free, digital processes. The front-desk operates on its own, capturing the name, contact details, photograph, and time of arrival & exit of the visitor(s). They are soon escorted in to meet their contact person. Smart Meetings

Instead of hiring new resources who conduct administrative tasks, such as, calling, checking for free dates in calendars, and setting up meetings – companies can now complete these activities at the touch of a finger. With automated front-office operations, systems can now do what earlier required humans to do. These installations help find suitable time-slots, set-up meetings, send instant alerts to the meeting holder & attendee(s), and efficiently end the meetings by sending notifications to all stakeholders, and by freeing calendar timeslots.

Now, it is time for you to witness and be a part of this digital journey, as you automate and revolutionize your front-office processes to bring about overall workplace transformation.


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