A Smart Guide to Digitizing Your Visitor Management Strategy

Guide to digitize

Rapid digitization around the world is changing the nature of work and the experience of the workplace. Reports suggest that by the end of the year, millennials would form 50% of the global workforce. This new generation of professionals prefers multi-tasking and love staying connected through modern apps. These young minds and their disruptive ideas promise to have a great impact on the workplaces of the future.

Organizations who boast of having a futuristic vision have already begun substituting old-school and traditional ways of doing things with new-age technology – artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, workplace sensors, etc.

In light of this, most of these large-scale enterprises are initiating digitization right from the front desk. They are rethinking traditional visitor management techniques that involved a redundant pen-and-paper process and are shifting to more advanced solutions for increasing efficiency and strengthening the security standards. The front desks of organizations form the first touchpoint for any visitor and are responsible for the security of data, people, and facilities.

Leveraging the Right Technology for the Right Job

Today’s fast-evolving technologies are changing the nature of work, dynamics of the workforce, and the notion of the workplace. Owing to this change the modern workforce is empowered to take up more responsibilities and become more productive. By going digital you can minimize the need to perform soul-destroying and repetitive tasks manually – thereby, managing your time efficiently. So, automation is key to increasing efficiency and reducing human errors.

Therefore, by introducing an automated cloud-based visitor management system at your front desk you are lessening the burden of the receptionists and allowing them to perform other important tasks.

The solution then is a self-serving application where a visitor can register himself by taking a little help from the front-desk executive if at all required. There is a possibility that the visitor visiting your office is not acquainted with English, so having a multi-lingual feature is an added advantage. One such smart visitor management application not only redefines the visitor experience but also disburdens the receptionist or the front office executive.

Rethinking Meeting Schedules and Smart Actions

Scheduling a meeting with a premium guest is an ad hoc responsibility of a front office executive. Numerous phone calls with follow up emails, and the intense pressure of getting the meeting scheduled, often take a toll on the professional. 

A robust and digital visitor management system helps you schedule a meeting with the visitor and send in the meeting details in the format of a mail or simply an SMS. Upon receiving an alert the smart visitor management system allows the host to take smart action after reviewing the purpose of the meet right from the mobile app. This not only makes the process of scheduling meetings efficient but also helps you to build on the experience of the visitor. 

Re-envisioning Visitor Experience

Your reception area is the first point of contact for any visitor/s coming into your office. It plays a crucial part in creating a positive impression of your business and the brand. Therefore, by replacing your age-old outdated visitor management methods with a smart visitor management system you can create a lasting impression. 

An ideal digital visitor management system allows your visitors or guests to register themselves the first time with all the mandatory details. A verification process is carried out for validating contact details of the concerned individual which may be used later when they visit again. The detailed information from such systems is usually stored in a centralized database so that it may be retrieved at any given time from any location.

To sum it up, a visitor management system should have the following – 

  1. Cloud-based mobile platform
  2. Data validation procedures
  3. Centralized database
  4. Smart actions, and
  5. Multilingual support

Without all of these in place, a reception can never be completely digitized. And without a digital transformation starting right from your front office, you would never really be able to start your journey to the digital workplace of the future.

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