4 Steps To Boost HR Functions in an SME

Boost HR Functions

Qualified HRs for any Small and Medium-sized enterprises) needs to be in perfect sync with the organizational objectives, operate accordingly, and contribute considerably to the organizational success!

Unlike larger organizations, SMEs do not have huge budgets or innumerable resources. All they need to do is strive continuously to master the art of people trades and get right at it.

We offer you 4 key steps that would help to direct SMEs towards improving their HR functions –

1. Build an effective strategy first

Firstly you need to have a clear idea about the expectations pertaining to the HR function. The expectation is different for different organizations as the HRD functions in coordination with the organizational aims and objectives. Expectations vary from successful recruitments to workforce upskilling to people management to performance management and so on. So, it is important to strategize first and then go for action.

2. Observe the employment lifecycle step by step

Whether an employee is performing in tandem with the organizational departmental objectives or not, needs to be identified by assessing the employee lifecycle. Not that the HR will bear every responsibility but, with a systematic observation of every step of the employment lifecycle, HR will be able to identify the areas that seek upgrading.

3. Monitor data for identifying trends and loopholes

For every organization to recognize its loopholes, assess its effectiveness and spot trends, monitoring people data is essential. It helps in assessing the effectiveness of the HR function too. The HRs need to utilize that data to back decision-making and ensure that the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are in place.

4. Be a good listener to your employees

Taking regular feedback from the employees, conducting engagement surveys, arranging one-on-one meetings, putting up a suggestion box, and so on will help you interact with your employees to listen to them. Doing so will help you identify their problem areas and subsequently chalk out improvement plans for them. Listening to the employee voice will strengthen the HR functions and facilitate growth.

Every organization needs its unique HR and unique strategies that fit its requirements perfectly. Every step taken as an HR for your company should be data-backed and evidence-based, and most importantly, it should reflect your business and employee needs. Note that the growing phase is crucial for SMEs, and with time you will see your employees evolving along with the organization. Being agile, approachable, and intuitive will help your organization improve the HR functions, and you stand out from the crowd.

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