3 Ways NexAEI Revolutionizes Your Front Office

Nexaei in your front office

Do you still think setting up an impressive front office is an arduous task? Well, it is time to think again!

Frankly speaking, you don’t need to be a world-class designer to revamp your front office. All that you need to do is stylize your front office by implementing certain visual and most importantly, digital changes that are aligned with all the latest global trends.

Speaking of visual improvements, you need to make your front office look spacious, choose the best and the brightest colours and arrange your furniture in such a way that can maximize natural light.

These changes can make your front office look far better than what it used to.

When thinking about digital improvements, you need a best-in-class digital solution that can make your front office look tech-savvy and also help in automating your organizational workflow. And, the only solution that can assist you in digitally revolutionizing your front office space is the Next Generation Advanced Engagement Interface or NexAEI!

Yes, there are several other SaaS-based products and solutions that you may have heard of. But what keeps NexAEI ahead of the curve is the fact that it an all-in-one solution that takes care of your employees, visitors, and material flow.

Smart Employee Management:

Smart Employee Management is an extremely efficient management system crafted by NexAEI that tracks and manages employee attendance and leaves.

The solution processes the data sourced from the NexAEI Kiosk installed in your front office and stores them securely in a centralized cloud database. Not just that, NexAEI also lays out all the stored data in a well-organized manner which can be downloaded by the HRs at the time of processing salaries of your employees. The automated leave and attendance data processing negates all kinds of discrepancies.

Smart Visitor Management:

NexAEI comes with another state-of-the-art Smart Visitor Management. This module helps in keeping track of every individual who visits your office.

This SaaS solution stores all the data in a centralized location that can be accessed by the admin, and visitor entry and exit time stamps along with who they meet may easily be viewed by the hosts through NexAEI’s mobile application. The visitor management solution also displays scheduled meetings, and enables you to accept, decline, or forward a visitor meeting through the app.

Smart Material Management:

Smart Material Management is the third offering of NexAEI which is a proficient material workflow management system.

This automated workflow manager keeps track of all your material flow from your workplace to the warehouse, and vice versa.

An impressive front office is not just about the interior designing or the placing of classic incandescent lamps; it is also about the kind of solution you implement and how your critical stakeholders are benefited by it.

Be a part of the digital transformation with NexAEI. Bring complete visibility to your workplace with a device-agnostic, future-proof and an ever-evolving SaaS solution. It is time to transform your front office with mobility and visibility to save your time, money and effort!

Switch to NexAEI.

NexAEI. Be here. Anywhere.

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