2021: The Beginning of the New Era of No-Touch Receptions!

Beginning of new era

With offices reopening their doors after a lengthy hiatus, 2021 is positively going to be a year full of opportunities and actions. And all those desperate measures that you had designed (or redesigned) and tested throughout 2020 are about to have a true-blue execution. Before going any further, you may consider having a quick look at “Back-To-Work In 2021” to know the expectations and trends of a hybrid workplace if you are yet to reopen your doors.

Among all the digital innovations that ruled 2020, No-Touch Visitor Management System deserves a special mention. Not only did it strengthen workplace security, but ensured safeguarding human health by omitting the touch from every office reception. Even Forbes had identified touchless visitor management as the pivot on which this entire back-to-work phenomenon depends.

It would be outright wrong to consider Touchless VMS as just another fancy alternative. Today it is a compulsion for all businesses because the new normal requirements are –

  • Pre-scheduled Meetings
  • Fully Mobile-Oriented Check-ins
  • Verified Visitor KYC
  • Contactless & Streamlined Processes

So, it is time for you to evaluate your visitor management system thoroughly and indicate what you need and what you lack. And this brings us to present a ‘one-stop free-forever contactless reception desk’ to you, NexAEI VisMate.

VisMate has been particularly designed to offer a unique touchless experience to both employees and visitors. Its unique visitor self-registration flow makes your reception areas completely touchless and hence, safe. Upgrading and revolutionizing your reception with VisMate will bring a massive change to your operations as a whole. It is not your regular VMS rather it is a future-focused, scalable solution that helps you manage all your visitors from one centralized location.

P.S. With the global VMS market predicted to grow at a CAGR of 14.1% by 2025, we recommend that by the time you call your entire workforce back to work, have a comprehensive VMS in place to protect them as well as give your workplace a digital transformation!

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