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NexAEI – EmbarQ offers an automated virtual on boarding process for a seamless transition of a candidate to an employee. This state-of-the-art application helps you manage pre and post joining formalities with just a few clicks. You can easily integrate it with NexAEI EmPal for a complete digital and stress-free experience.

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A Hassle-free and Fun Onboarding Experience

Provide new hires an access to fully optimized onboarding portal of NexAEIEmbarQ that reduces the hassles of multi-layered onboarding formalities. Be it pre-joining forms or any related documentation, this application transforms the boring traditional onboarding process into something more engaging and fun.

Streamlining the Exhaustive Onboarding Process

Ensure complete visibility of all the stakeholders with NexAEIEmbarQ’s advanced workflow automation. Moreover, you can automatically send onboarding tasks to new hires for them to complete on their own time, at their pace.HR can maintain visibility of the status of the documentation and help the new hires effectively.

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Quick, Easy, and Environment-Friendly

In a world usurped by a digital transformation, it is time to make the onboarding process in your organization completely paperless. Cut down costs of printing and mailing by leveraging a truly digital platform for online documentation.

Configured as Per Your Requirement

Familiarize your new hire with your brand culture through EmbarQ. The application has a responsive web-based onboarding portal that is configurable as per your branding requirements for an enhanced experience both for the candidate and the HR.


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NexAEI EmPower Pack is the ultimate HR Toolbox for managing remote workers and work from home employees. Now get geofenced employee attendance and active screen time all in one place for efficient productivity measurement.

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With state-of-the-art features like AI-based Facial Recognition, dynamic QR code, offline attendance, and a centralized database with multi-location access, employee attendance management will be a cakewalk for HRs now.

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An integrated solution of NexAEI that helps managers and supervisors monitor the active screen time of remote workers and derive actionable reports for efficient decision-making.

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